Redux Persist Nested State

Redux Deep Perist

contains transforms and state reconciler for Redux Persist giving you a possibility to define a nested configuration for your redux-persist.

If your redux state is deeply nested you don't have to create multiple, nested persist configs. You can easily create a whitelist or a blacklist for fields at any level of your state, using simple dot notation ['someProp.secondLevel.thirdLevel.anotherLevel']

Redux documentation recommends to keep the state as flat as possible, but it is not always possible. Redux Deep Persist may be very helpful in a situation when deep nesting is hard to avoid.

How to persist nested state

Configuration is similar to the Redux Persist, the only difference is you don't have to define nested persist configs. You can use getPersistConfig which will return the correct configuration you need.

It doesn't matter how deep you want to persist your state.